There are nine projects offering support in many different areas, meeting a wide range of needs:

  1. Perth & Kinross Council Welfare Rights Team Positive Futures
    Free, confidential welfare rights advice and representation. Help understanding different benefits, help with priority debts, banking and credit union services.
  2. Citizens’ Advice Bureau Perth Positive Futures
    Advice and support on debt and money management, budgeting, saving and borrowing.
  3. MindspacePeer Support Hub
    If you are experiencing mental health difficulties, our Peer Support workers will work alongside you to support you towards your goals.
  4. PUSH Charity Reuse Centre The  iWorkProject
    Supported training and skills development in the PUSH reuse centre (shop and warehouse), with a learning plan tailored to you.
  5. Strathmore Centre for Youth Development (SCYD)Education & Employability Hub
    Personalised support, training and skills for young people aged 16-25 who face serious barriers to work or learning.
  6. The Hub ESF, Perth – Outreach projects various locations
    Employability support in areas of low employment. Support includes CV writing, mock interviews, training, use of computers and access to additional job vacancies. 
  7. The Hub ESF, Perth – Wage Incentive
    Offering subsidies to businesses to enable them to offer work and training to you.
  8. The Hub ESF, Perth – Skills Academies
    Specialist training schools for areas of work such as construction and hospitality.
  9. Perth & District YMCAY Futures
    One-to-one support, help with communication and confidence, work experience and skills development.

Get help with Employability or Financial issues

Some of the projects will support you into work, training, further education or advise on volunteering opportunities.
Visit our directory of Employability providers

Other projects will support you with financial help and advice.
Visit our directory of Financial help providers

And because our providers all work together and are familiar with of all of the other projects, they are happy to recommend other providers that can support you. You can get support from as many providers as you need, so that all of your needs can be met.

Get support that’s tailored to you

Young people

Some of our projects are tailored to young people, e.g. school leavers. You might be looking for your first job, training course or volunteering opportunity. Or you might need advice on money matters such as rent or benefits. It can be difficult to work out how to get started, but there’s plenty of help and advice from our providers.
View the projects that support young people


Many of our projects provide support to you if you’re an adult (aged 25-64) and you’re facing barriers to unemployment (e.g. being long-term unemployed). Or you may need financial support with issues such as debt or benefits.
View the projects that support adults

Health issues

You might be finding it hard to get into work, or sort out financial problems, if you are dealing with mental or long-term physical health problems. Our providers understand this and will help you to deal with your health issues in a supportive, positive way. This will help you to move forward into work, training or volunteering opportunities.
View the projects that support you if you have a health issue

How can I get support from the Employability or Financial providers?

If you’d like support from our Employability or Financial providers, check out our two directories of providers who will be happy to help you.

Find Employability providers
Find Financial help providers
If they need to, they can also help by recommending any of the other providers to you.