If you are dealing with mental health, long-term physical illness, disabilities or additional support needs, these provider organisations can support you and help you to find the way forward. You might need support with moving into work, training, volunteering or employment. You might need support to visit a council office or job centre, get financial help, or just to go out and about and take part in daily life again. Help and advice is available for you.


Mindspace is a mental health charity based in Perth, offering support to people with mental ill health. They have four Peer Support workers who will work alongside you, supporting you towards your goals, in a way that you’ve agreed between you. 

Peer Support workers have lived experience of mental health issues, and they draw on that to support your recovery and your personal growth. You can be supported to access education, training, volunteering and work, as well as financial advice and childcare advice.

Visit Mindspace’s website and Facebook page

PUSH Charity Reuse Centre

PUSH offers the i-Work programme to adults facing barriers to work. The programme helps you make progress by developing work skills in the Reuse Shop or Warehouse, such as customer service, IT skills, admin or gardening. You’ll be supported along every step by peer mentors and experienced staff.

Visit PUSH website and Facebook page

How can I get Employability or Financial help?

If you’re experiencing mental health difficulties, and you’d like to move on into work, education or training, you can get support from our Employability or Financial providers. Simply visit the websites of any of the organisations we’ve listed on this page and they will give you details of how to contact them. There is often a drop-in service, too, so you don’t usually need an appointment.

You can also find them all in our two directories:
Find Employability providers
Find Financial help providers

If they need to, they can help by recommending any of the other providers to you.