St Johnstone FC & Criminal Justice Case Study

Which organisations were involed in the project

Criminal Justice and St Johnstone Football Club


Criminal Justice have a programme called the Community Payback order. (Community sentences can be given if people are convicted of a crime by a court but are not sent to prison.) We have a good relationship with Criminal Justice and with St Johnstone FC

Criminal Justice approached us to ask if we could come and deliver some Employability Skills with the Community Payback guys, up at the football club. 

How it happened / the process

The guys spent a Friday up there doing some football training, and we came in to deliver an hour of Employability Skills. That counts as an hour back for their Community Payback because they participated in that. And that was really good.

We talked to them, and it all came out about why they’re in the position they’re in. We helped them with their CVs and did mock interviews with them, working on their interview skills.

What We did

What were the challenges and how did we help?

One challenge was the continuity. There were three guys who came every week, but some others just dipped in and out. So we said, next time, if we run it again, for them to get the full benefit they have to be there at every session. 

They had to bring in their CVs, so we could help update them. Some of them were reluctant to do that, for various reasons, so we said, “If you bring your CV in by such-and-such a date, we’ll do the football fitness with you. That was really good, because it helped build our relationship with them. We said, bring in your CVs, and we’ll have our trackies on next week, and we did!”


Outcome and next steps

One guy was so shy at first, he wouldn’t give you eye contact or anything, but on the last day of the project, he did a speech about how everybody had helped him. He went back to college after that, too. It was amazing.

Dave Black, who’s the Community Benefit person up at St Johnstone, has been in touch to ask if we would be interested in doing it again, because it really got positive feedback. 

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