The Hub

Name of Employability provider

The Employment Connections Hub ESF (“The Hub ESF” for short)

About The Hub and what we do

The Hub is an employability suite in the heart of Perth. We offer free job support to help you get into employment, training or volunteering. 
We have two main ways of helping you into work in Perth & Kinross:

  • We support and advise job-seeking clients and offer employability skills.
  • We support local businesses to recruit and retain staff. 

What The Hub does for you on the ESF Employability Pipeline

The Hub is part of the ESF Employability Pipeline programme, a pathway of support which will help you get into sustainable work. The Employability Pipeline is part-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF).

Lesley English and Karen Henderson are The Hub ESF team members who will support you if you are unemployed, living in Perth & Kinross, and you have at least two barriers to employment.

What are the barriers to employment?

We help you to take the next step that’s right for you, whether that’s into work, training, volunteering or further education.

How do we do this?

We provide lots of services to help you move forward, including:

  • helping you to write your CV;
  • help with interview techniques and mock interviews;
  • one-to-one chats to find out what kind of work would suit you;
  • support with learning challenges such as dyslexia;
  • outreach services to support people in rural communities;
  • wage incentives to enable employers to take on staff;
  • Skills Academies where you can learn essential skills in construction or hospitality.

And because we have a great relationship with other Employability providers, if you need support from one of them, too, we’ll put you in touch. For example, you might enjoy a volunteering or training opportunity at PUSH or a computer skills course at Pathways. If you’ve experienced mental ill health you may benefit from counselling at Mindspace. You can do any of these things and still come to The Hub for employment support.

We can also speak to your Job Centre advisor and let them know how you’re getting on.

We keep in touch with you at regular times through your journey with us, usually after Week 2, Week 12 and Week 26, to see how you’re getting on.

Who can come to The Hub / ESF for support?

Anyone can come to The Hub centre for support into work, and if you face two or more serious barriers to employment, our ESF Employability Pipeline team can give you targeted support.

For example, you might have left school after 4th Year and be keen to work but not know where to start. You might have been made redundant and be struggling to find your place in society again. You might be tackling issues around mental health or be long-term unemployed. Or you might be nearing retirement age and finding that there aren’t as many doors opening to you.

How does our service benefit people? What can it do to help you?

We help you to find out what you’d like to do next. That could be getting back into the same sort of job you’ve had before, or doing something completely new and different. We encourage you to think outside the box and try new opportunities. We have lots of great ideas, and we have good relationships with supportive, welcoming employers.

We help you to believe in yourself and develop your skills and confidence, so that you will feel ready to take the next step.

Karen Henderson, ESF Employment Support Advisor, says: “I like to see people coming in every week, and moving forward, and their confidence is building and they’ve got a real passion for something that we’ve talked about. I’ve said to them, try thinking outside the box, what about this, and they’ve never thought about that before. And if they get a job, that’s fantastic. Or they might go to college, they might want to get back into studying. I like just seeing the change in people.”

Read about some of the people we’ve helped

St Johnstone FC / Criminal Justice

We did a fantastic project with St Johnstone Football Club and some guys who were on the Community Payback order. We delivered employability skills, including mock interviews and CVs. We even got our tracksuits on to do fitness training with them!
Read about St Johnstone FC / Criminal Justice project

Any new projects or developments coming soon?

Karen says: “I’d like to continue my work with homeless people, delivering Employability skills. I’d like to do group sessions for anyone who’s interested, too, so that our clients can meet and share experiences.”

Lesley adds, “We offer Skills Academies in Construction and Hospitality but I’d like to develop them in other areas of work. I’d also like to work more closely with Criminal Justice, to support those with criminal records to move on and find work. We’d also like to go out and target groups of clients and invite them to use the service.”

How can you get Employability support from The Hub?

If you’re looking to move into work, volunteering or training, the easiest way is to pop in and visit us, at 31-33 South Street, or call 01738 459609. We are open from 9.30am to 4.30pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (9.30am – 12.30pm on Wednesdays). You can just pop in – you don’t need an appointment. 

We’ll have an initial chat to find out what you need support with and how we can work together.

If you’re an employer who’d like to work with us or find out more about our Skills Academies, Wage Incentive scheme or Job Match service, please call 01738 459609 or email [email protected] 

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