PUSH Case study - PUSH02



Name of Employability Provider

PUSH iWork Project


This young person was 17 and unemployed when she came to us through Rathbone Training, having left school with few qualifications. She did a 13-week placement at PUSH, then Community Job Scotland funding came into place and we were able to take her on for a year.

How it happened / the process

This participant proved to be a great employee, working well in the Reuse Shop and with the other members. She was good at training others, too.

Stephen Murray, Training Manager at PUSH, says, “she developed her skills and confidence to the point where she could run the shop area on her own while we had a meeting or did training upstairs. So when European Social Funding came round and her year’s placement had finished, we were able to put her within the ESF training as a peer mentor so we could continue her role, because she was so effective.”



What were the challenges and how did we help?

The challenges she faced were her lack of experience and low skills, having left school with few qualifications. We offer a wide range of skills and experience at PUSH, and we care about the interests of our employees and volunteers. So we were able to offer her work skills, mentoring and training opportunities that interested her, which helped to develop her confidence and self-reliance, as well as showing her how well she works with people.



Outcome and next steps

This participant was at PUSH for about two years and progressed from being an unemployed young person to becoming confident, skilled and employable. Her strength was working with our members and being a peer mentor, and she’s been able to develop that here. In September 2017 she wanted a full-time post, so she applied for a job at a care home, and was successful. She has great patience and people skills so is enjoying working with people with learning disabilities.

How can you get Employability support, skills and training from PUSH?

If you would like to find out more about how you can learn new skills, work in a business and develop your self-confidence and independence, you can pop in and visit PUSH http://www.pushinfo.org/ email [email protected] or call 01738 621929. Our shop hours are 10am to 4pm, Monday to Saturday.