PUSH Case study - PUSH01



Name of Employability Provider

PUSH - iWork Project


This participant came to PUSH about 6 months ago. He had had a good career before but due to personal circumstances he had a period of unemployment for over two years, during which time he decided he could not return to his previous chosen career. so he decided that a career in administration was for him, having developed skills in IT. He was therefore interested in getting back into work, but needed support. At PUSH we have a good relationship with the Job Centre and they asked us if we had a good volunteering opportunity for him. He came with two Job Centre support workers to the initial meeting as he was feeling anxious.

How it happened / the process

Stephen Murray, Training Manager at PUSH, says, “I listened to him and found out about his interests. He had some IT experience so I suggested that he tried a couple of hours listing things on our Gumtree site. After about two or three months, he was engaging more with us, and he was more confident and comfortable with what he was doing, so I said, do you want to add another hour on, and work a normal 3-hour shift? That was fine, and from Gumtree I introduced him to taking on eBay, which is a bit more complex.”

We asked him if he would like to do more hours, and we got funding through the ESF Wage Subsidy Project for six months, so now he’s with us for 25 hours a week.


What were the challenges and how did we help?

Catriona Palombo, CEO of PUSH, says, “The challenge in the initial stages for this participant was to get back to working with people again, being in a work situation and coping with that. We helped him to develop coping strategies and, being an organisation that understands the various barriers faced by people returning to work we will pick up on times when there might be additional stresses and we help our participants to deal with them.”

Outcome and next steps

He has flourished at online sales and he is effectively running the eBay department now, with Stephen overseeing it with him. He’s also now training other people to do certain steps of eBay too and supervising them. Within the six months since he started, there has been a huge personal and professional development for him. Stephen says, “He’s very competent at the job, I’ve have every confidence in his ability to carry out the job independently. He’s great with the other trainees too and is very patient when instructing.”

When asked how he was feeling about the work he’s been doing at PUSH, and he said, “I didn’t think I would ever feel this happy again.”

How can you get Employability support, skills and training from PUSH?

If you would like to find out more about how you can learn new skills, work in a business and develop your self-confidence and independence, you can pop in and visit PUSH http://www.pushinfo.org/ email [email protected] or call 01738 621929. Our shop hours are 10am to 4pm, Monday to Saturday.