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Perth Citizens' Advice Bureau

Who are Perth Citizens's Advice Bureau and what do we do? 

We’re a user-led charity that supports people with a learning disability or additional support need, to become more included in the community. By using a Person-Centred approach we open up opportunities which are available to everybody else, in social, home or work situations. Our focus is on why people with learning disabilities or additional support needs might not be able to engage in certain activities, so literacy and numeracy form a large part of our work.

What do we offer through the Positive Futures programme?

Through the Positive Futures programme we help clients to develop financial skills and deal effectively with debt. There are two main strands:

  1. An advice service on how to manage money;
  2. A debt support service for clients with difficult debts.

Through our advice service, we help clients to maximise income, reduce expenses (e.g. energy bills), find good contracts (e.g. mobile phones), and understand payslips or benefit award letters. One of the ways we do this is with a fun board game where you can “earn” and “spend” money.

Through our debt support service, we help and advise clients with difficult debts, e.g. rent arrears or toxic loans. Our team negotiates with creditors, processes debt arrangement schemes or bankruptcies, and works with you to help you get back on track.

We work with individuals on a one-to-one basis, and also with groups, including students and community groups. We offer outreach services, too, so you won’t miss out just because you live in a rural area.

Who can get support from Perth Citizens' Advice Bureau? Do you need to be referred?

Perth Citizens’ Advice Bureau offers support to all those living or working in Perth and Kinross area. You don’t need to be referred – just contact the CAB Positive Futures team using the details at the bottom of the page. We will check if you meet the project eligibility criteria, and if not will arrange support and advice through the main CAB team.

Here are just some examples of the wide range of clients that we help every day:

•    People who might be at risk of eviction;

•    People who are finding it hard to make loan repayments;

•    People struggling with debt or facing bankruptcy;

•    People who need advice and tips on managing money;

•    People who need to find out exactly which benefits they are entitled to;

•    People who are experiencing physical or mental ill health; this can make financial problems much harder to handle.

Please get in touch with us so we can help you to get things back on track.

How does our project benefit people? What can it do to help you?

Magda Szmeichel, Financial Capability Adviser, says, “People find it hard to talk about money issues. The fact that we can build trust with our clients means we can encourage them to find out what their options are and how they could make life easier.”

Alastair Hood, Specialist Debt Adviser, says: “Most clients say, the second time I see them, ‘I slept [well], after I met with you.’ That has a positive effect on physical and mental health, as well as on family relationships. Their anxiety reduces, and their self-worth builds. Positive Futures gives us time and space to deal with complex cases and build trusting relationships with clients.”

We have up-to-date knowledge of the laws around debt, so we can advise you of your rights and options. We can also contact creditors, landlords, loan companies, banks, etc on your behalf. This helps to ease the burden of debt and financial worries, which can often seem overwhelming.

Any new developments coming soon?

The Positive Futures team at Perth Citizens’ Advice Bureau would like to continue to support the most disadvantaged in the local communities and provide them with specialist support to receive relief from their debts and build financial capability for their future.

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How can you get support and advice from Perth Citizens' Advice Bureau?

To make an appointment please call the Positive Futures team on 01738 450581 or email us:

The Positive Futures programme is part-funded by the European Social Fund, Perth & Kinross Council and The Gannochy Trust.

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