Mindspace Positive Futures! - Case Study 06



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This client experienced bereavement because of the loss of a loved one. It wasn’t only the loss of her relative but also the meaning of this person in her life, because they were very close and she spent the last years looking after her. Suddenly that was gone, so she needed to build her life again, but she also has ME, which made it very difficult for her to go out because of her energy levels.

So she was at home all the time and she got severe depression. The problem is, sometimes when you are at home and you have an illness that is not very well understood, you don’t get people’s support and can feel very isolated. She really needed people but everyone has busy lives.

How Are We Helping?

She needed to know what to do. So she came to the Peer Support Hub and, once a week, we had a chat and a reflection about what things gave purpose to her life and what she could do according to her energy levels. She said she wanted to do something to protect the environment. So we started to look online for places she could go or groups she could join.

At the Peer Support Hub we don’t just talk about hobbies, but also about strengths. She’s a very empathic and caring person and she wanted to do something to help people, such as supporting others who were going through bereavement. We found out that in order to do voluntary bereavement support she needed to do some counselling, and now she has realised that she would like to do a counselling course.

Outcome and Next Steps

She has identified and is interested in one organisation that helps to protect the environment and she is waiting for her energy levels to improve to take part. And she is going to try for the counselling course. She is quite nervous about the course because of her illness and energy levels, so we will have a reflection about what tools can help her. At the college there is a team that can support students; that gave her more confidence.

She has found two things to try, because she wants to occupy her mind and time in a way that is manageable.

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