Mindspace Positive Futures! - Case Study 05



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This client is a very brave person. She has experienced a very hard situation which led her to have problems with alcohol, but she is now doing very well because she went to Alcoholics Anonymous. When she came to the Peer Support Hub, she had had a year without any alcohol, which was great. However, she was experiencing moments of being mentally stuck. Her husband had died and it left her with a lot of paperwork issues and difficult things. In her mental state it was difficult, especially as there are so many bureaucratic processes to deal with.

She didn’t know what to do. The situation was too overwhelming.

How Did We Help?

We talked through the situation and I asked what would be the first small thing she could do. Then we divided that into different steps, and I provided lots of encouragement. These processes were so complicated, and she finds using computers difficult. But I didn’t do the things for her, it was about being with her and seeing what we could do next. So we sat together, we looked for information, and we contacted the organisations that could help her.

She went to a psychologist who suggested things for her to do, e.g. how to handle stress and what tools will help her to cope. We worked through the exercises and courses together. I encouraged her in the moments that she felt down and I helped to clarify steps and structure the ideas in her mind.

Outcome and Next Steps

Now she has a plan, she feels more in control. We are still working on the process but she is moving and getting things done. For example, one day she said, I called my lawyer and we did this and this, which was great progress. She is working out things at home and coming to the session, and telling me what she’s achieved. She is also starting voluntary activity. She still gets frustrated and feels down sometimes, but she can reflect on it and she has someone to speak to, which helps her.

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