Mindspace Positive Futures! - Case Study 03



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This client is a retired lady. She had severe anxiety and she came to one of the Taking Control classes. She she’d lost her husband a few years previously and she moved from England to be beside her daughter, so there were a lot of life changes giving her a lot of anxiety.

My colleague, who works in the Mindspace Recovery College, recognised she could benefit from Peer Support.

I could identify with everything she was feeling: anxious all the time, stomach churning, couldn’t do anything. No reason as to why she was having all these symptoms, but every single day she was wakening up and finding life very hard to get up, get showered, get going.

How Are We Helping?

She took great encouragement from the fact I had felt so bad at one time, but was able to get over it. I was able to tell her, things can get better. I worked closely with her and we met up in cafés, went for walks. We were able to discover what she’d like to do, and build up her confidence, encouraging her, helping her to think she could do it. As a peer support worker, we are able to find what our peers like to do, find courses, go to the college or go to a class.

We were able to get her into volunteering in a charity shop. She used to do that when she was married and she has a lovely eye for clothes and arranging fashion.

We got an application form, went to Perth and she handed it in. She had an interview, and got two days a week in the charity shop, volunteering.


She enjoys working in the charity shop. It’s helping her confidence; it’s helping her socially. She’s able to get out and about and despite still feeling anxious it has maybe lessened a little and she is more able to cope with it.

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