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Who are Mindspace and what do we do?

Mindspace is a mental health charity serving the county of Perth & Kinross. We offer counselling and a learning approach to understanding and managing mental ill health through our Recovery College. 

What do we offer on the Employability Pipeline?

Mindspace is part of the Employability Pipeline programme, a pathway of support that helps you get into work. Our project on the Pipeline is the Peer Support Hub. 

If you are experiencing  mental ill health, our peer workers offer (side by side) support to help you build confidence and lead a more meaningful life. In this way you can work together to address the issues holding you back.

What are the barriers to work?

The Employability Pipeline is part-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF).

How do we help people on the Employability Pipeline?

When you contact Mindspace, we will have a chat with you, listen to your story and find out what matters to you. Then one of the peer workers will be in touch with you to arrange to meet. We provide support to:

  • manage your emotional and psychological challenges
  • explore connections in the community
  • access training, volunteering and work
  • improve your health and wellbeing
  • access financial advice
  • access childcare advice.

We do this through a mix of one-to-one peer support and/or group activities. We aim to help you develop confidence, hope, life skills, connections, independence and interdependence.

Stuart Glencorse, a Peer Support Worker, explains, “At Mindspace we ask, where are you and where do you want to get to, and what can we do to get you there? The support that we offer you is based on our own lived experience of mental ill health (and our strategies of living with mental health challenges; we share what works for us and help others develop their own personal strategies.)” 

We also have great connections with the other Employability providers, so if you need support from one of them, we’ll put you in touch. 

We keep in touch at regular times through your journey with us, to see how you’re getting on.

Who can come to Mindspace for support? Do you need to be referred?

Anyone who is dealing with mental ill health as a barrier to work can come to the Hub for Peer Support and advice. For example, you might be dealing with mental health issues and be long-term unemployed, have low self-esteem and be lacking in confidence as a result. We can support you to explore possible ways to move forward.

Some people might be referred to us from another Employability Provider or local agency; equally you can self-refer. You can drop in to see us, call us on 01738 639657or email [email protected]

How does our service benefit people? What can it do to help you?

Kelly Gilmour, Peer Support Development Worker, says, “The Peer Support Hub inspires you to feel valued as an individual. I was signposted here myself a while back, undertook several courses, and became a qualified peer support worker by participating on the SQA-accredited Mental Health Peer Support course. You can live a fulfilled life with mental ill health when you get the right help. When you come through our doors there is real feeling of hope, at least that’s what I found.”

Stuart agrees: “If you are dealing with mental ill health as well as unemployment, it can be overwhelming just coping with the simple things in life without the added distress of trying to sort out your benefits, housing, etc. We can support you in that process, through a combination of signposting and supporting you though empowerment, by enabling you to engage with other agencies like Citizens Advice, DWP, Independent Advocacy and Perth & Kinross Council for example. We also have a peer-led mindfulness group here where we support and learn from each other.”

Jillian Milne, CEO of Mindspace, adds, “Because our peer workers have experience of mental ill health, they can speak with you and understand with real empathy. They might not have had the identical experience but they will understand the feelings and emotions associated with it. This helps to immediately break down barriers and build relationships of trust.”

Any new developments coming soon?

Jillian says, “We want to continue with all the great work that we do here, from widening our ability to provide counselling across Perth & Kinross to enhancing our programme of learning support. We absolutely want to develop our Peer Support Hub because we know how beneficial it is. There are opportunities to provide this support rurally or in a psychiatric hospital setting e.g. working with people to prepare for discharge. This is a very real demand.” 

How can you get Employability support from Mindspace?

If you’re are experiencing mental ill health and you would like to find out more about how Mindspace’s Peer Support Hub can help, you can pop in and visit the Peer Support Hub email [email protected] or call 01738 639657. Our office hours are 9.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.

Some people are also referred by their GP, the Council or the Job Centre.

We’ll have an initial chat to find out what you need support with, then one of the Peer Support workers will be in touch with you to arrange to meet.

If you’re an employer, charity or other organisation who’d like to work with us or find out more about how we support our participants, please call 01738 639657 or email [email protected]

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