About ESF Programmes

The Employability Pipeline and Positive Futures are support and advice programmes for adults, young people and those with a health condition living in Perth & Kinross. If you face barriers to work or are having financial difficulties, the services they provide can help you move forward into sustainable employment.

About the Employability Pipeline

The Employability Pipeline is a programme of support in five stages. The programme involves many different organisations who work together to help you move from unemployment into sustainable work.

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There is a wide variety of support on offer, and it is tailored to your individual needs and goals. Support includes:

  • work skills
  • interview techniques and CV writing
  • helping to remove barriers to work
  • sector-based skills academies
  • wage subsidies to employers who recruit a participant registered on the Employability Pipeline
  • training
  • advice on volunteering opportunities
  • job search and matching.

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About the Positive Futures programme

The Positive Futures programme offers confidential, free and impartial advice and support in the following areas:

  • benefit checks
  • priority debts
  • adult learning
  • digital learning
  • banking and credit union services
  • one-to-one debt advice
  • advice on maximising your income
  • money workshops
  • outreach services.

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How can you access Employability Pipeline or Positive Futures!?

If you’d like to get support or information from the Employability Pipeline, and you face two or more of the Employability Pipeline barriers to work, or access the Positive Futures! Project and you have one of the three listed barriers, there is no need to contact Perth & Kinross Council – all you need to do is contact the preferred provider directly.  

Employability Pipeline barriers are:

  • Long-term unemployed
  • Living in a jobless household including: 
    • Living in a jobless household with dependent children
    • Living in a single adult household with dependent children.
  • With disabilities
  • Migrant, people with a foreign background, minorities (including marginalised communities such as Roma)
  • Homeless or affected by housing exclusion
  • Asylum Seekers
  • Refugee
  • Primary carer of older person
  • Primary carer of a child/children under 18 or adult
  • Underemployed
  • Low-income employed
  • Looked-after young person
  • Material deprivation
  • At risk of becoming NEET
  • Criminal convictions
  • Long Term physical illness
  • Mental health issues
  • No work experience
  • Substance-related conditions
  • Low skills (ISCED Level 1 or 2) (up to general level Standard Grade, Access 1-3, National 1-4)
  • Armed Forces Veteran
  • Above 54 years of age
  • Geographical Barrier
    • From rural areas 
    • From Employment-Deprived Areas

Positive Futures barriers are:

  • Living in a jobless / single-adult household with dependent children
  • Workless Household
  • Low income / Household

To get the support you need, check out our directories of providers:

How are these services funded?

These services are part-funded through the European Social Fund (ESF) employability and social inclusion programme, additional funding has also been provided by The Gannochy Trust  and both Programmes are managed by Perth & Kinross Council.  The provider organisations offer the support, and you can contact them directly if you need to access this support.

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